Did you know that 77% of Canadian employees do not feel comfortable discussing their mental health challenges with their employer?

We can certainly do a lot better!

Source : Employment and Social Development Canada 2016


Solutions to Live Better Series

Courses for all


  • Help employees become more resilient and happier at work.
  • Provide employees with powerful strategies to cope with stress.
  • Increase employee engagement and mobilization.
  • Raise employee awareness and motivation regarding their psychological well-being.
  • Promote a culture of openness and better mental health habits.
  • Normalize mental health challenges.


  • My Well-Being Toolbox: What is my unique Well-Being DNA?
  • My Stress and Anxiety Base Camp: Knowing how to recognize your stress signals and acquiring the necessary strategies to be resilient in the face of hardship.
  • My Thriving Life and Work Balance: Proven strategies to improve your quality of life.


    • 2 workshops of 2 hours per theme.
    • Experiential and participative workshops in small groups to learn, share and help each other.

    Compassionate Leadership Series

    Courses for Managers and Leaders


    • Define compassion, harness it to better our well-being and relationships.
    • Empower Leaders to have courageous conversations about Mental Health.
    • Provide tools and strategies to better lead employees and teams towards a culture of Psychological Safety.
    • Make Mental Health an inclusive theme.


    • Compassion & Leadership: Adopt a benevolent perspective toward ourself and others to interact and coexist in harmony.
    • Talking about Mental Health in the workplace: Opening the dialogue, eliminating biases, and normalizing challenges!
    • Psychological Safety: How to create healthy, inclusive work ecosystems where everyone feels good.


    • 2 workshops of 2 hours per theme
    • Experiential and participatory workshops in small groups to learn, share and support each other.

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    • Team building activities, Well-Being workshops
    • Lunch & Learn
    • Individual coaching for leaders
    • Consultation for specific issues

    Training offered in English, French or Spanish in Montreal or by videoconference anywhere in the world.

    *20 participants maximum.
    ** Suggested course, possibility of taking the training on a per-course basis.

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